Herniated Disc

If you suffer from a herniated disc, you need to consider chiropractic treatment.


Herniated Disc – Underlying Cause

Herniated discs, also sometimes referred to as slipped, bulging, or ruptured discs, occur when cracks occur in the outer part of the disc and the material inside the disc starts to push out. This can be a slow process. By the time you feel pain or other symptoms, you may already be experiencing disc degeneration or experiencing other problems, such as sciatica, as a result of the herniated disc.

Traditional medicine may provide some relief from herniated discs, but could be masking the underlying or subsequent problems. Chiropractic care for herniated disc is a safe and effective alternative to traditional medicine, offering a longer term solution.

Your medical doctor may prescribe medication to address your symptoms. Chiropractic treatment treats herniated discs by addressing the underlying cause. The overall goal is to improve the health of nervous system.

Assessment and Treatment

Dr. Lane will start with assessing your particular case, starting with the initial cause(s). Herniated discs can result from a variety of factors or issues including injury, poor posture or stress from being overweight. He’ll also review potential issues with your reflexes, muscle strength, any loss of sensation and any other spinal issues that may be contributing factors.

Following Dr. Lane’s initial assessment, he will develop a personalized care plan that is specific to your needs. This care plan may include chiropractic adjustments to restore proper spinal alignment. The plan may also focus on exercise and nutrition.
A herniated disc affects your physical comfort and mobility, and in turn may affect many parts of your daily life. Don’t miss another day of work or quality time with family. Seek treatment today.

If you want relief from a herniated disc, come in for a chiropractic assessment or adjustment. Call (417) 881-5263. Don’t delay your herniated disc pain relief and improved spinal health.