Back Pain 

If you suffer from occasional or chronic back pain, you need to consider chiropractic treatment.


Back Pain – Underlying Cause

Back pain can be a symptom of an underlying serious condition, such as spinal misalignment which can cause nerve compression and damage, often leading to other health problems. These conditions can exist for years before you actually feel back pain.

Traditional medicine may provide some relief from back pain, but could just be masking the underlying problems. Chiropractic care for back pain is a safe and effective alternative to traditional medicine, offering a longer term solution.

Your medical doctor may prescribe medication to address your symptoms. Chiropractic treatment relieves back pain and restores mobility by addressing the underlying cause. The overall goal is to improve the health of your spine, as well as the surrounding nerves, muscle and tissue.

Assessment and Treatment

Dr. Lane will start with assessing your particular case, looking for things such as spinal or musculoskeletal misalignment, nerve damage or compression, soft tissue damage and structural damage.

Following Dr. Lane’s initial assessment, he will develop a personalized care plan that is specific to your needs. This care plan may include chiropractic adjustments and massage. Chiropractic adjustments focus on restoring proper spine alignment. Massage therapy focuses on relieving stress and tension.

Back pain affects your physical comfort and mobility, and in turn may affect many parts of your daily life. Don’t miss another day of work or quality time with family. Seek treatment today.

If you want relief from back pain Clever, come in for a chiropractic assessment or adjustment. Call (417) 881-5263. Don’t delay your pain relief and improved spinal health.